​The mission of the Planning Department is to help create a vibrant city of lasting value by engaging the community through neighborhood revitalization, sustainable land use and infrastructure choices, regional transportation planning, historic preservation, and zoning administration.

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission normally meets the 3rd Monday of each month.
Please join us for the next Topeka Planning Commission meeting on Monday, May 21, 2018, 6pm at the Municipal Building, 214 SE 8th Street, 2nd floor Council Chambers. (Televised)

Agenda packets and information about the Topeka Planning Commission



January 2018

City of Topeka Planning Department Visual Appeal Survey
The Topeka Planning Department is undertaking a comprehensive update to the City’s sign code and commercial building standards. A recent public survey resulted in over 1,060 responses. See the results of the survey and Learn more about the survey and Visual Code Update

November 2017

Public Meeting held November 13, 2017 at the Holliday Building (620 SE Madison)

The City of Topeka intends to apply for one United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.W.EPA) Brownfields Cleanup Grant for the Former Van Buren School Property. See additional information in our Public Notice.

A draft Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives is available here.

October 2017

Underway: Processes being Updated

The Topeka Planning Department is working to update and streamline our processes. View Topeka Capital Journal article from October 21, 2017.


City of Topeka Receives Brownfields Grant

On October 26, the city of Topeka and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency celebrated the funding of a $300,000 EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant. Press Release

Article from Topeka Capital Journal

Topeka Planning Commission approves the Tennessee Town Neighborhood Plan Update.

On October 16, the Topeka Planning Commission approved the Tennessee Town Neighborhood Plan. The plan is scheduled to go before the Governing Body at their November 14 meeting.

Plan Draft

City Wins Funding for Bikeways Phase III Project and Phase II Safe Routes to School Program for Quincy Elementary

View the press release

More information on the www.topekamtpo.org website

September, 2017

Bike Counts 2017 took place on September 13 & 16.
Results can be viewed here.

      View the location map for where counts are taken.


August 2017

Topeka Planning Department publishes the
1st edition of the
Development & Growth Management Report, a brand new tool to help track residential and commercial growth in Topeka.

View the DGM report now


Long Range Transportation Plan


The Futures 2040 Topeka Regional Transportation Plan was adopted by the
MTPO Policy Board on June 22, 2017

View the Plan

July 17, 2017
Topeka Planning Commission recommends approval for Wheatfield Village PUD

At the July 17 meeting of the Topeka Planning Commission, Commissioners voted 7-0-1 to reccomend to the Governing Body the zoning request, subject to conditions in the
staff report.
Visit the Wheatfield Village PUD page (located in our Cases of Interest section)


June 2017

Quinton Heights-Steele Neighorhood Plan kick-off meeting held June 12
Visit the Tennessee Town Neighborhood Plan page (located in our Planning Projects in Progress section)


National Bike Month 2017
May was National Bike Month, and we celebrated with a Bike Ride with the Mayor and the City Manager on May 17.
Details Here

More info on National Bike Month

April 18, 2017
Topeka Governing Body approves Zoning Code Amendments (ACZR17/01)
Amendments include
D-1 Zoning and other misc. amendments, as well as a D1 & D3 Sign Standards handbook.

March 2017
Tennessee Town Neighborhood Plan kick-off meeting held March 29
Visit the Tennessee Town Neighborhood Plan page(located in our Planning Projects in Progress section)


February 23, 2017
Topeka Planning Commission recommends approval for
D-1 Zoning and other
misc. amendments to the Zoning Code.
Amendments include a
D-1 & D-3 Sign Standards handbook.