Animal Control

Animal Control Hours

Animal Control Officers are on duty 5 days a week, Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm during all seasons. Callback is available after hours and all day Saturday and Sunday when necessary.
Operation hours for animal licensing is 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday.

Licensing: 785-368-9484

Animal Control Dispatch: 785-368-9203

Email: Tracy Paige at the Animal Control Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control is a unit in support of the Topeka Police Department. The officers in the unit are responsible for enforcing various city ordinances regarding animals including, the leash law, vaccination and licensing requirement, the cruelty ordinance and checking on neglected or abused animals.

Animal Control Officers issue citations for violations of the above city ordinances. They also pick up loose dogs, unlicensed cats, deceased animals on roadways and deceased or injured domesticated animals with no identifiable owner.
Animal Control Officers do not respond to barking dog calls. Topeka Police Officers respond to these complaints under the noise violation ordinance.

If you’d like to report a pet that is not yours that is defecating in your yard, these complaints would also require a police officer. Please call 785-368-9200 to request a TPD officer.
You may report animal complaints that require the response of an Animal Control Officer by calling 785-368-9203. Examples of such animal complaints could include but are not limited to picking up loose or stray dogs, removing deceased animals, picking up injured dogs and cats, investigating animal bites or attacks or conducting cruelty investigations.
To verify if your animal has been picked up by Animal Control, please call the Helping Hands Humane Society (HHHS) at 785-233-7325. To claim your animal, go to the back entrance (east side, off of SW Belle Ave.) of HHHS located at 5729 SW 21st St. You will have to provide identification and proof that the animal belongs to you, such as vet records or a photo of the animal. Depending on the situation, there is potential for you to receive a citation for violating ordinances such as the leash law, running at large or no tags. In most cases, except cruelty and dangerous dog violations, the animal will be returned.
Under the cruelty ordinance, it is unlawful to tether a pet:
  • Without a collar or harness
  • For more than 15 minutes without supervision
  • On a tether weighing 1/8 or more of the animal’s body weight
  • Near stationary objects that could potentially cause injury, strangulation or entanglement
  • Without access to shade
  • Without a secured source of water
  • In an open area where it could be attacked by other animals or stolen
  • In an area where bare earth is present and no steps have been taken to prevent the surface from becoming wet and muddy
In the case of sick or injured wildlife, a license rehabilitator is your best resource. You can find a list of rehabilitators in Kansas and frequently asked questions on the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website here:

You may also call Animal Control Dispatch at 785-368-9203 if you believe there to be an immediate danger to the animal’s life.
You may own or keep animals like dogs, cats, fowl, poultry, potbelly pigs, or livestock.

Anyone owning and keeping horses must have at least three acres for two horses and for each additional horse, there must be an additional one and a half acres.

Anyone owning and keeping fowl or poultry can learn more about the requirements and restrictions here:
It is unlawful for anyone to own or keep any live exotic or captive wild animal. Exotic and wild animals include but are not limited to, venomous snakes and lizards, snakes longer than 8 feet, monitor lizards, emus, ostriches, snapping turtles, or any other mammal or marsupial normally found in the wild.

It is unlawful to own or keep swine in the City of Topeka.
Anyone in need of Animal Control’s assistance outside of city limits can contact the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control at 785-368-9300. To find out if you are outside of city limits, you can search your address here.