Topeka Police Policies

The Topeka Police Department provides online access to department policies that are frequently of interest to the public. These policies are subject to frequent updates based on current best practices in law enforcement or changes in local, state, or federal laws. As changes occur, the most recent policies will be posted on our webpage. Any redactions to these policies are made pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act at KSA 45-215 et seq.

Because it is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise or to prescribe a specific course of action for any given scenario, these policies are intended to serve as guidelines to direct officers’ actions. All members of this department are expected to exercise common sense and good judgement.

To the extent that department policy may contain provisions more restrictive than state or federal law, such provisions are not intended, nor should they be construed or applied, to create a basis for liability against the City or any of its employees.

Finally, these written publications of the department are only a part of the direction provided to employees. Communications that are directive in nature from supervisory or management personnel have the same authority as written policy.