Police Open Records


Crash Report Provider

The Topeka Police Department Records Unit has partnered with Carfax for the sale of accident reports online. Customers are able to access, purchase and print Topeka Police Department crash reports from the convenience of their home using this online system. Sales are completed using a major credit card and reports are accessible and printable right away on your browser page, or are accessible for viewing and printing for the next 30 days. Receipts are emailed to the customer immediately.

Report is priced at $5.00 and customers are never charged a credit card transaction fee.

Businesses wishing to set up an account are requested to contact carfax online. Carfax representatives will work with you to get your account running with a single invoice each month for multiple purchases.

Due to the extensive review process we put our crash reports through to ensure accuracy crash reports will not be available for purchase by the general public for 10-12 business days following the crash. Please allow us this time to get your crash report done right for you.

About The Records Room

The Records Room is the central repository of all police reports generated by the Topeka Police Department. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., every day of the year, with the public service window in the LEC Lobby open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, our lobby window does observe all major city holidays, so we will be closed during those times.

Records is responsible for receiving and processing all criminal, non-criminal reports as well as crash reports; inputting the information into the Department’s record management system; and maintaining custodial control of all case information.

The unit also provides support and services to police officers, law enforcement agencies and the public. Services Include:

  • Providing copies of police reports to the public as governed by the KORA (Kansas Open Records Act) or by a court issued subpoena. While we are happy to provide our law enforcement community members with full police reports at no cost as they relate to their official duties, police reports not involving a motor vehicle crash are priced at only $2.00 for those members of the general public. General public members will receive an abbreviated copy of the police reports featuring only those aspects deemed public record under the Attorney General specifications.
  • Conducting record checks on individuals at the request of Law Enforcement, Court Officials, and Government Agencies, as well as military recruiters. Military Recruiters are asked to provide a signed DD369 form with the recruiter’s business card before a record check can be completed. Unfortunately, we are unable to  complete checks of our case files for criminal history (record checks) on subjects for the general public. Please direct such requests to the KBI’s online application.

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