Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange information and contact your insurance provider.
Call the community policing office at 785-368-9092, their hotline at 785-368-2500, or the Community Policing Map.
Review this document on tickets. If you still have questions, call the issuing officer's supervisor or call Municipal Court for a court date 785-368-3776.
Call the records section - 785-368-9474 - they can provide you costs and hours of operation. Accident reports can be purchased online.
Topeka Police Departments Animal Control can be called for any injured animal (including wildlife) at 785-368-9203.

Animal Control will dispose of any deceased animal on public streets or roadways (including wildlife) or deceased domestic animals on private property.

It shall be the property owner’s responsibility to remove any deceased wildlife on private property.

For additional information please refer to the following ordinance.
You must file a PFA through the district court of the county you live in. If you live in Shawnee County, you may visit their website to learn more:
Unless a law is being broken or the child is in immediate danger, TPD does not have custody enforcement authority. Learn more from the Shawnee County District Court here:
Call TPD at 785-368-9551 to file a police report. Make sure to collect all evidence for your case.
You can file a complaint through the Kansas Attorney General’s Office here:
If you see any suspicious activity, people or vehicles, report it to 911. Keep doors and windows of your home locked and exterior lights on at night. Be observant of your surroundings and always travel in groups. Always lock your car, take the keys with you and remove any valuables from plain sight. Know your neighbors and look out for one another.