Police Officer Exam

View Upcoming Test DatesYou are now registering for the Saturday, August 24, 2019 entry-level Police Officer examination.

Upon submission of your registration, you will be directed to a registration confirmation page that provides additional information, including a link to details on when and where to report for the examination.

Please read all information thoroughly.

It is essential to open and review the information in the link on the registration confirmation page to find out when and where to report for the examination.

For details on the bonus, please email Sergeant Vidal Campos.


Please note:

  • You only have to take the test once, but you may take the test more than once. There is no cost for the first time the test is taken. For the second and each subsequent test, the applicant will be required to pay $15, which is the City’s cost for the test.
  • Applicants are ranked on a hiring list based on test scores. The applicant’s most recent test score will be utilized in the ranking process. If an applicant passes the test and takes the test again at a later date to try and increase the score and then fails the test, the applicant will be eliminated from the hiring process until the applicant takes and passes the test again on a future test date.

Practice Test Available Online

You can purchase a practice test and/or study guide online directly from the test manufacturer.

Please review the following important information:

  • POPAT (Police Officer Physical Ability Test) Details
  • You must be at least 20 ½ years of age as of the test date to take the examination.
  • You must have high school diploma or equivalent.
    • Please note: the KLETC requires that individuals who receive high school education through homeschooling will be required to provide alternate education verification, examples include ACT scores, SAT scores, or proof of admission to a post-secondary school (i.e.; – college).
  • You must be a citizen of the United States to be extended an offer of employment.
  • You must not have any Brady/Giglio information in personal or professional background that would impair ability to serve as a government witness. Brady/Giglio information includes any conduct, acts or crimes involving dishonesty or false statements while under oath.
  • You must not have any automatic disqualifiers. Review the list of automatic disqualifiers.
  • Topeka Police Officers are required to possess and maintain a valid KS driver’s license and city-insurable driving record.
  • You must meet the Topeka Police Officer minimum physical requirements.

Register For the Entry-Level Exam

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Upcoming Test Dates

Note: Registration for each exam will open after the previous test is completed.


  • January 25th
  • February 15th
  • March 15th
  • April 20th (Saturday)
  • May 31st
  • June 22nd (Saturday)
  • July 26th
  • August 24th (Saturday)
  • September 27th
  • October 25th
  • November 16th (Saturday)
  • December 13th