The City of Topeka’s compensation philosophy is to provide a compensation program which will attract, motivate, and retain qualified employees to meet the objectives of the organization.

Compensation Philosophy

Compensation for city employees is determined by three pay structures; all structures are subject to City Council approval, budget authority, and salary plan rules and pay ranges.

Compensation Market Analysis

In order to maintain external equity and ensure the city is paying market wages, periodic market comparability studies are conducted. These surveys allow the city to ensure our position rates of pay are consistent with the pay rates in other Metropolitan areas.

The source of market data utilized (local survey, regional survey, or national survey) depends on the scope of work, responsibility, and general recruiting pool for the specific job.

Pay Structures

The City of Topeka currently operates three separate pay structures: Executive Pay Range, Management Pay Plans, and Bargaining Unit Pay Plans.

  • Executive Pay Range: Governs wages for department and division heads individuals
  • Management Pay Plans: Governs wages for management individuals with the exception of department and division heads
  • Bargaining Unit Pay Plans: These are wages for City of Topeka non-management or non-supervisory employees are governed by the provisions of seven separate labor agreements, including:
    • AFSCME Development Services/Planning
    • AFSCME Water
    • AFT Kansas
    • Fraternal Order of Police
    • International Association of Firefighters
    • Teamsters
    • Water Pollution Control