Start, Stop or Transfer Water Service

Topeka Customer Service Utility Accounts include City of Topeka utilities (water, stormwater and sanitary sewer), Sherwood Wastewater District and Shawnee County Refuse (if elected). The services specific to your account will be determined by the water and wastewater utilities servicing your location and by selection of Shawnee County Refuse or a private refuse hauler.

Start a New Account or Transfer Service

To start new service with the City of Topeka Utilities Dept.,  complete an online application at or visit our City Express Center in the Cyrus K. Holliday Building lobby at 620 SE Madison St M-F 8a-5pm or   The online site is hosted by a vendor partner and operates similar to online shopping where you can select ‘Water’ and ‘Add to Cart’.    For current or recent accounts (within 5 yrs.) you may call the Customer Service Center at 785-368-3111.

Required Documents:  A valid state or federal issued photo ID (A lease or buyer’s agreement may also be required).

Someone 18 or older must be present when your water service is turned on.  In some cases a Water Service Turn On Release may be an option if no one is available to be at the service address.  You may call 785-368-3111 to provide a verbal release, or complete the online form and email to By signing or verbally agreeing to a Water Service Turn On Release, you release the City of all liability for damage caused by running water at the requested service address.

Stop Water Service

To stop water service call Customer Service at 785-368-3111 during office hours. You must be the account holder or listed as an authorized person on the account.  A final reading will be done on the date service is to be terminated. A City of Topeka final billing statement will be mailed within 14 days of the final reading.

Service request for on/off can be scheduled as early as the next business day (excluding weekends or holidays). Same day service may be requested with a fee.