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Understanding Your City Utility Bill

  • Water: Water Meters are read monthly. Readiness to Serve Charges are assessed per water meter at a service location based on meter size (indicated in Meter Information portion of billing statement). Additionally, a Volume Charge is assessed per 1,000 gallons of water consumed.
  • City Wastewater: Readiness to Serve Charges are assessed based on the associated water meter size(s) at the service location. Additionally, a Volume Charge is assessed per 1,000 gallons of wastewater usage. Residential wastewater Volume Charges are based on a customer’s average winter quarter water consumption (Dec-Feb). The charge remains consistent for one year, generally April-April. Non-residential wastewater charges are based on actual monthly water consumption.
  • Stormwater: The stormwater fee is assessed on the hard surface of your property. This fee is not related to water usage.
  • City of Topeka Utility Rates: Utility rates are established and billed per Topeka Municipal Code.
  • Shawnee County Solid Waste: Rates and services are established by Shawnee County (
  • Outside City and Sherwood Wastewater District: Outside City customers are charged premium water & wastewater rates. Customers served by the Sherwood Wastewater District are billed at rates established by Shawnee County. Outside City customers are assessed a monthly fire hydrant maintenance fee.

Important note: The information above pertains to residential customers. You can also view a complete rate schedule for all customer classifications.

Service Description Code Definitions

  • CW Sherwood Wastewater
  • FP Fire Protection
  • HY Hydrant Mtr Usage
  • IR Irrigation
  • RF Refuse
  • RW Rural Wastewater
  • ST Stormwater
  • WA Water
  • WH Wholesale Water
  • MW Master Meter City Wastewater
  • WW City Wastewater
  • MM Master Meter Water


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