Understanding Your Utility Bill


  • Water meters are read monthly.
  • Base Charges are assessed per water meter and by the size the water meter.
  • Volume Charges are assessed per 1,000 gallons of water consumed.
  • If your bill has been estimated, it will be noted on your bill with an ā€œEā€.
  • View an example bill explaining how meter, notice, message, past due and current account information is provided on your monthly statement.



  • The residential wastewater charge is based on the average water consumption used during the winter quarter (December – February). The charge will remain consistent for one year (generally April – April).
  • Non-residential wastewater charges are based on monthly water consumption.



Stormwater fees are assessed on the amount of impervious area you have on your property. Visit the stormwater webpage.


Outside City & Sherwood Wastewater District

  • Customers residing outside the City are charged premium water and wastewater rates and are also assessed a fire hydrant maintenance fee.
  • Customers served by the Sherwood Wastewater District are billed at rates established by Shawnee County.


Shawnee County Refuse