50-50 Sidewalk Repair Program

​The City of Topeka is soliciting applications for a program to remove and replace defective concrete and brick sidewalks through a cost-sharing plan of 50% paid by the City of Topeka and 50% paid by the property owner.

Criteria For the Project

  • The property must be classified as residential, i.e. multifamily 4 units or less.
  • The sidewalk must be in violation of the city standards for sidewalk maintenance and or ADA standards. A 1 inch or more trip hazard must be present or, if brick, uneven or too large of gaps between bricks.
  • Brick sidewalk replacement is allowed in historical areas but not on a 50/50 percent basis because of the higher cost involving brick. The City’s share will be determined based on 50% of a concrete sidewalk. All other costs associated with brick replacement will be the responsibility of the property owner.
  • The project does not include the cleaning of brick sidewalks or the installation of handicap ramps.
  • Property owners cost share must be received prior to the property being added to the list.
  • The property owner must not have outstanding construction permit violations and no outstanding indebtedness to the city.

Note: Funding is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Priority will be given to neighborhoods deemed by the Topeka Planning Department to be (in order of priority): Intensive Care Neighborhoods, At Risk Neighborhoods, and City of Topeka properties at large.

Additionally, federal funds distributed through the Department of Neighborhood Relations cannot be used to pay the cost share for qualified homeowners.

To participate in the program, mail the property address, owner’s name, owner’s address (if different than the property address), telephone number, and name of the neighborhood group (if applicable) to:
50/50 Sidewalk Program
620 SE Madison, 2nd Floor, Unit #7
Topeka, KS 66607