Design & Right-of-Way

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the Standard Forms. If any discrepancy or errors are found, contact the City Engineer of the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department, prior to using the detail.

This section is responsible for plan preparation for in-house projects, preparation of project cost estimates as required or petition projects and as requested by administration, preparation of right-of-way parcel maps, preparation of “As-Built” drawings for in-house projects and the support of project engineers with any requested design drawings. This section is also responsible for appraisal and acquisition of all necessary right-of-way and/or easements required for project completion.

Complete Street Design Guidelines

Design Criteria & Drafting Standards

Standard Technical Specification Manual

Standard Detail Drawings

Standard Detail Name and Letter 11-2019

These are available to either view or download as pdfs or AutoCAD 2013 dwgs.

PDF DWG Standard Detail Name Last Revision Date
DT-001 DT-001 Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Details 03/2013
DT-002 DT-002 Concrete Pavement Details 06/2018
DT-003 DT-003 Curb & Gutter and Approach Details 03/2013
DT-004 DT-004 Ramp and Walk Details 05/2016
DT-005 DT-005 Standard Manhole Details 06/2018
DT-006 DT-006 Manhole Rehabilitation Details 02/2008
DT-007 DT-007 Sanitary Sewer Details 06/2018
DT-008 DT-008 Storm Sewer Details 06/2018
DT-009 DT-009 Type I Inlets 06/2018
DT-010 DT-010 Type I-P Inlets 06/2018
DT-011 DT-011 Type II-P Inlets 06/2018
DT-012 DT-012 Ditch Inlet 06/2018
DT-013 DT-013 Type II-P Area Inlet Manhole 06/2018
DT-014 DT-014 Channel Linings 02/2008
DT-015 DT-015 Pipe Outfalls 02/2008
DT-016 DT-016 Wash Check, Trickle Channel & Flume 02/2008
DT-017 DT-017 Miscellaneous Details I 10/2017
DT-018 DT-018 Miscellaneous Details II 10/2020
DT-019 DT-019 Typical Project Signing 05/2022
DT-020 DT-020 Erosion & Pollution Control

Inlet Protection and General Notes

DT-021 DT-021 Erosion & Pollution Control
Silt Fence, Sediment Trap & Construction Entrance
DT-022 DT-022 Miscellaneous Details III 05/2014
DT-023 DT-023 Water Details I 07/2018
DT-024 DT-024 Water Details II 07/2022