Engineering is comprised of professional engineers, technical support staff and clerical staff personnel. Its primary responsibility is administration and management of all projects assigned to the Division. In addition to project administration, Engineering is responsible for the division accounting, payroll and requisitioning as well as construction inspection & designing in-house projects.

Other Engineering Sections & Their Responsibilities

The Construction Inspection Section inspects projects and tests materials for street, sewer, traffic signal, water, waste water and bridge projects. The Records Section is responsible for recording, maintaining and filing project plans, quarter section maps, street, sanitary sewer and storm sewer district boundary maps, and the Official City Map. It handles citizen-generated petitions for improvements and coordinates with the
City Clerk’s office on matters of property splits and tax assessments. The Survey Section provides construction staking, surveying, and right-of-way and easement acquisition staking. This section is also responsible for establishment and maintenance of the horizontal and vertical survey control system for the city, boundary surveys and real property legal descriptions for city owned property.

Design Criteria Manual for Engineering Designers

The Design Criteria and Drafting Standards Manual contains information on the following topics:

  • Design Procedures | Street Design Criteria | Storm Drainage Design Criteria
  • Sanitary Sewer Design Criteria | Water Distribution Design Criteria | Bridge Design Criteria
  • Drafting Standards | Standard Details | Survey and Right-of-Way Control Criteria
  • Property Acquisition Parcel Drawings Drafting Standards | Hydraulic Design Curves for Curb Inlets