Open Records

The public has the right under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) to access public information maintained by local governments. The City Clerk’s office maintains, protects and preserves the official records of the City of Topeka.

The Kansas Open Records Act (KSA 45-215 et seq.) and TMC 2.10.030 through TMC 2.10.130 govern the City of Topeka’s responses to requests for records. The City is not required to answer questions or create documents in order to fulfill a request. Records not yet in existence are not subject to KORA.

The information listed below will assist you in accessing public records made, maintained, created or possessed by the City of Topeka. To obtain records of another public or private agency, please contact that agency directly.

Fees are outlined in TMC Section 2.20.130 and a fee of $0.25 per page may be charged for black and white copies of public records. A records fee schedule has been established for certain records; however, additional fees, including any other costs incurred by the agency in connection with complying with a record request (e.g., mailing costs, research fees etc.), may be assessed to the requestor.

All requests for access to public records must be made in writing. Requests can be submitted by an email or by completing a Records Request Form. Any questions or disputes regarding open record requests may be directed to the City Clerk who is the City’s Freedom of Information Officer and Official Records Custodian.

To Submit Records Requests

Requests can be submitted by an email to the City Clerk or by completing a request form. The records below can be requested directly from the designated department; however, when requesting records from multiple departments, please submit to the City Clerk only.

Planning & Development Records

Request records listed below from the Planning & Development Department.

  • Zoning Verification: No fee
  • Zoning Compliance Letter: $50
    • A letter that includes zoning district confirmation, compliance information, whether or not the property can be rebuilt / or other zoning research as requested. Zoning staff will respond to written requests for zoning compliance information on specific properties within the City limits of Topeka, Kansas.
  • Copy of Plat, Master PUD, Ordinance(s) and/or Resolution(s), CUP or Site Plan: $5 per document + $10 research fee
  • Report of Open Zoning Code Violations: $5
  • Report of Open Building Code Violations: $5 per building
  • Certificates of Occupancy: $10 per building
  • Open Building Permits: $10 per building
  • Building Permit History: $10 per building
  • Inspection Reports: $5
  • Tradesman Licenses: $5 (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, general contractor, trade contractor, specialty contractor)
  • Certificate of Insurance: $5 (general liability insurance for contractors licensed by the Development Services Division)

Fire Records

Records listed below may be obtained directly from the
Topeka Fire Department.

  • Emergency Response: $5
  • Standard Fire Incident Reports/NFIRS:  $5
  • Medical Call/Patient Reports: $5 (releases and authorizations may be requested)
  • Fire Investigation Report: $10 (minimum)
  • Property Fire Records: Inspections; Permits (underground storage tanks); use, storage, or release of hazardous materials/waste: $10

Requests for information regarding restricted information such as Fire Investigation may require other documentation such as an Arson Immunity Act letter or court subpoena.  Information regarding Emergency Medical Responses are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPA) restrictions and may require additional documentation before release.

Police Department Records

Crime reports and accident reports can be obtained directly from the
Topeka Police Department.

Topeka Municipal Court Records

Court records can be obtained directly from the Topeka Municipal Court by emailing a Records Request Form to the Court Clerk, or fax the form to 785-368-3782.

All Other Records

Submit your request by emailing a
Records Request Form to the
City Clerk, or fax the form to 785-368-3943.

View Meetings

City Council and Committee Meetings are available at two sites.
View meetings on City of Topeka website, or view the meetings on YouTube

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