Planning Open Records

R​equests for Information

Complete a Request for Information and email to

Information Available

  • Zoning Verification: No fee
    • Zoning verification is provided as a public service, and zoning for a particular property can be verified
      via email ( or over the phone by calling 785-368-3728. An interactive zoning map with can be
      accessed here.
    • For written zoning verification, on City of Topeka letterhead, submit a request
      by email to   A standard letter of zoning verification can be provided either by mail or as an email attachment.
  • Zoning Compliance Letter: $25
    • A letter that includes zoning district confirmation, compliance information, whether or not the propoerty can be rebuilt / or zoning research. Zoning staff will respond to written requests for zoning compliance information on specific properties within the City limits of Topeka, Kansas. Responses will be on City of Topeka letterhead.
  • Copy of Final Plat, PUD, or Site Plan: $5
  • Report of Open Building Code Violations, Open Permits and Certificates of Occupancy: $25
  • Inspection Reports: $5
  • Licenses: $5
  • Certificate of Insurance: $5

Upon receipt of your Request for Information, you will be contacted within 3  business day with the cost, which can be paid with a credit card, check, or, if hand delivered, cash. Please do not mail cash.

If payment is mailed, include a copy of the completed Request for Information form.

Mail to:
City of Topeka Planning & Development Department, Unit 11
620 SE Madison

Topeka KS 66607

All fees are based on standard research requests. If substantial research is required, additional fees will be charged and you will be notified ahead of time.

Other Requests

Requests for information other than that listed above should be submitted through the City Clerk’s office.   Fees and additional information about Open Record Requests can be found on the City Clerk’s webpage.