Design Review Committee

The purpose of the Topeka Landmarks Commission’s Design Review Committee (DRC) is to provide assistance, as requested, to owners of, and potential investors in historic properties in order to comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and applicable design guidelines for individually listed historic properties, or for properties located within Topeka’s six recognized National Register Historic Districts.

In addition, the City of Topeka has designated the John Nelson Historic Landmark District as its lone registered Local Historic Landmark District. This District has accompanying design guidelines that must be followed for all major improvements or alterations to the properties within the District.

The DRC meets each Tuesday at 4:00 p.m., as necessary, to review projects with the owners, investors, and their design professionals prior to the commencement of major renovation projects in order to ensure their compatibility with the Secretary’s Standards for Rehabilitation, and any applicable design guidelines. It is recommended that members of the public seeking review and discussion of projects with the DRC request a meeting prior to the commencement of their design work in order to ensure compatibility with all Standards and guidelines prior to the project’s presentation to the Topeka Landmarks Commission for final review.

Members of the public who are considering an investment in an historic property, or current owners or design professional seeking guidance in making alterations to an historic property are encouraged to contact us via 785-368-3011 or, to discuss the review process, and learn more about the materials necessary for submission in order to be placed on the DCR agenda for review and assistance.

The deadline to be placed on the weekly agenda requires that all necessary materials by submitted to the Topeka Planning & Development Department by 4 p.m. on Thursday of the week prior to the DRC’s weekly Tuesday review meeting to be placed on the DRC’s following Tuesday weekly agenda.