Planning and Development Department

The Planning & Development Department is made up of three Divisions:

Development Services Division

The Development Services division is made up of three functional areas: Permits, Inspections and Licensing. This division assists the development community by facilitating the resolution of issues while safeguarding the public through review and issuance of permits and licensing contractors to work in the city. This division also enforces building codes and is responsible for inspecting buildings, structures and sites for compliance with building and trade codes.

Housing Services Division

The Housing Services division includes housing development, homeless programs and social services. Housing development consists of major rehab, exterior rehab, emergency repair and accessibility modifications, the voluntary demolition program, Topeka’s homebuyer program, Topeka Opportunity to Own (TOTO) program, and the Homebuyer counseling and Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). The homeless programs consists of the Emergency Solutions Grant providing shelter and essential services to households at-risk of homelessness and the Shelter Plus Care Program that provides rental assistance and supportive services to households. The Social Service Grant funds agencies to provide contractual services through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), as well as city general funds to assist an estimated 25,000 individuals.

Planning Division

The Planning Division is made up of two functions – Land Use Planning and Transportation Planning. The division provides long-range planning services by measuring, forecasting, and planning for future development, current planning services by administering and enforcing the zoning/subdivision codes of the City, and coordinates regional planning for all modes of transportation, including bikes and pedestrians.