Transportation Planning

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The Metropolitan Topeka Planning Organization (MTPO) is designated as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to carry out regional transportation planning for Topeka and Shawnee County.

For additional information about the MTPO, you can
contact Carlton Scroggins by email, or call the Topeka Planning & Development Department at 785-368-3728.

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Topeka Pedestrian Master Plan

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Walking is already estimated to be significant to the city, with approximately 1,300 Topeka residents reporting to the U.S. Census Bureau that they walk on a regular basis. An estimated 1,650 K-8 children walk to Topeka schools.

The Topeka Pedestrian Master Plan is one piece of a larger effort to improve quality of life through the development of vibrant neighborhoods and greater transportation choices serving pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists.
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Southeast Topeka KTA Interchange

KTA Interchange

The City of Topeka has been working with the Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) to construct an additional interchange on the southeast side of the city that would provide access to the I-470 Turnpike. KTA partnered with the City on a preliminary engineering Interchange Concept Study. In addition, an economic and fiscal impact report was prepared in consultation with GO Topeka. The project is estimated to cost $16 – $23 million. The City of Topeka has currently set aside $500,000 in their CIP to perform preliminary engineering work that will help get the project choser to “shovel ready” as economic development and/or transportation grants become available.

KTA Interchange Study Area Map

Comparative Summary: KTA Interchange Impacts


Long Range Transportation Plan – 2040

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The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a guide for transportation decisions made for Topeka and a surrounding portion of Shawnee County. Updated every five years, the plan identifies current and future year transportation recommendations for roadways, public transportation, non-motorized travel, aviation, and rail through the year 2040.

Topeka Bikeways Master Plan

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Bicycles and Topeka are made for each other, and while bicycling does not work for every Topekan or every trip, it can play a significant role in the city’s transportation system.
The Topeka Bikeways Master Plan is dedicated to making Topeka a place that encourages its citizens to use this healthy, low impact, and intrinsically fun form of transportation as a great part of their routine lives.
Bike Routes Funded or Completed through 2016

Topeka/Shawnee County Regional ITS Architecture Strategic Deployment Plan

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The Metropolitan Topeka Planning Organization (MTPO) has updated the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture for the Topeka/Shawnee County Metropolitan region. The Architecture describes the region’s ITS plans and how future projects will integrate and interoperate with existing systems.

The goal of the architecture update project is to develop a framework for the planning and development of Intelligent Transportation Systems that improve the safety and efficiency of travel in the region.

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