Neighborhood Revitalization Program

The Topeka Planning & Development Department assists with the City of Topeka’s economic development efforts through the Neighborhood Revitalization Program as authorized by the State of Kansas since 1995.

Properties located in the Dynamic Core Redevelopment (TIF) District remain eligible for participation in the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. For more information, contact us at 785-368-3728.

Current NRP Documents Available

Neighborhood Revitalization LogoAbout The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The Planning & Development Department administers the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP), which provides tax rebates to property owners making improvements that raise the appraised value of residential property by 10% and of commercial property by 20%. The program is intended to promote the revitalization of the City’s Intensive Care/ At Risk neighborhoods and Downtown by creating an incentive for the rehabilitation, conservation, and redevelopment of these areas.

10-year property tax rebate may be given based on the increase in appraised value caused by the improvements on a property within the NRP boundary**:

  • Standard Rebate: 95% rebate for the first 5 years and 50% for the final 5 years.
  • Standard Plus 10 Rebate: “Intensive Care”, historic properties/districts and new residential units receive a 95% rebate for the full 10-year period.
  • Standard Plus 20 Rebate: Major projects (minimum $10,000,000 investment) eligible for a 95%, up to 20 year rebate upon Governing Body approval*.

Applications must be received prior to or no later than 60 days after building permit approval or start of construction (if a building permit is not required). For further information, please see links below or contact Annie Driver at 785-368-3010. Email correspondence can be sent to

The 2022-24 NRP Update was approved by the Governing Body on October 12, 2021. It became effective January 1, 2022.

*Eligible in TIF district only.

**Menninger Clock Tower building located at 5800 SW 6th Avenue is located outside the NRP boundary. The Governing Body approved the Menninger Clock Tower building to be eligible for the NRP tax rebate in the 2022 Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.

Menninger Clock Tower


Older ordinances available on request through the City Clerk’s office.

  • Ordinance 20228 establishing the Dynamic Core Redevelopment (TIF) District
    • Ordinance 20333 Removing certain NRP properties from Downtown TIF District