Historic Preservation

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Topeka is a city full of history that dates to a time prior to the founding of Kansas as a Free State 1856. Since its inception as a crossing of the Kansas River along the Oregon Trail, Topeka has developed as a center of the state’s political, social, and economic life. Today it remains a vital and unique place. The Planning & Development Department works to preserve Topeka’s history, and strengthen its recognition and value within a wide variety of applications.

Topeka’s historic buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes are essential features of the city’s character, and collectively contribute in making the city an outstanding place to live. In turn, these features also offer significant contributions to the city’s economy and cultural heritage by establishing the foundation for a high quality of life. Through the Department’s Historic Preservation programs, this history is a focus to help ensure its protection and continued use in the best interest of all of Topeka’s residents.