Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The Topeka Planning & Development Department assists with the City of Topeka’s economic development efforts through a combination of economic incentives, information sharing, and long range planning. ​

Properties located in the Dynamic Core Redevelopment (TIF) District remain eligible for participation in the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. For more information, contact us at 785-368-3728.

Neighborhood Revitalization LogoAbout The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The Planning & Development Department administers the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP), which provides tax rebates to property owners making improvements that raise the appraised value of residential property by 10% and of commercial property by 20%. The program is intended to promote the revitalization of the City’s Intensive Care/ At Risk neighborhoods and Downtown by creating an incentive for the rehabilitation, conservation, and redevelopment of these areas.

Rebates are offered up to 95% for 10 years for historic properties (National, State, or Local) and intensive care neighborhoods, as well as all “new” constructed infill housing. Applications must be received prior to or no later than 60 days after building permit approval or start of construction (if a building permit is not required). For further information, please see links below or contact Annie Driver at 785-368-3728 or email her at

Additional economic incentives for neighborhood improvements are offered through the Neighborhood Relations Department. They offer assistance with redevelopment loans and grants for affordable housing creation and community development opportunities. For more information, contact Neighborhood Relations at (785) 368-3711. For additional financial incentives for Historic Preservation projects, visit Planning & Development’s Historic Preservation page. Also available is information about Community Improvement & Tax Increment Financing Districts.

Information Sharing

The City of Topeka’s economic development efforts are supported through technical information sharing. Several programmatic and demographic resources are listed below:

For additional information on incentives for attracting and retaining businesses that provide primary jobs, as well as, site selection information, contact GO Topeka or the Topeka Area Chamber of Commerce at 785-234-2644.

Long Range Planning

For information on the City of Topeka’s long range plans that assist in guiding redevelopment and future growth within and around Topeka, visit Planning & Development’s Comprehensive Planning page. In addition, the following plans directly contribute toward the City of Topeka’s economic development efforts: