Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning develops long-range plans for the revitalization of neighborhoods and the future growth of the city. Comprehensive Planning includes Neighborhood Planning and Historic Preservation, and is also responsible for the Comprehensive Plan and its elements, including the Land Use and Growth Management Plan and Downtown Master Plan. Comprehensive Planning manages data for the department and produces reports, such as The Development & Growth Management Report. Design review, such as Neighborhood Conservation Districts, city-wide Non-Residential Design Standards, and historic guidelines is also part of Comprehensive Planning.

The Land Use and Growth Management Plan (LUGMP)

The Land Use and Growth Management Plan (LUGMP) includes policies for growth management, land use, and annexation. Read more about the Land Use and Growth Management Plan and its 2040 update.

Neighborhood Conservation Districts

Neighborhood Conservation District designation protects and strengthens the desirable and unique physical features, design characteristics, and recognized identity, charm and flavor of a neighborhood. 
Read more about Neighborhood Conservation Districts

Neighborhood Health Maps

The Neighborhood Element of the Comprehensive Plan includes summaries and maps from 2000, 2003, 2007, 2011, and 2014. Read more about the Neighborhood Element/Neighborhood Health Maps

Neighborhood Plans

Neighborhood-specific plans are developed by the residents to show their vision and goals for the future of their neighborhood. Read more and view adopted plans

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is an element of the Comprehensive Plan. The Historic Preservation Plan of Topeka examines historic preservation within the city and the role that historic assets play in the city’s economy and quality of life.

Parks & Open Space Plan

Parks and open spaces are important for people of all generations to exercise, spend time with family and friends, to play, enjoy nature, and simply relax from the stresses of modern day society. and Open Space Element of the Comprehensive Plan. Topekans enjoy a wide variety of both active and passive recreational opportunities located in a comprehensive system of City, County and State parks.

View the Parks and Open Space Plan Document

Other Plans & Documents of Interest

Economic Development

This plan defines Topeka’s place within the regional, national, and global economies and how it intends to achieve its stated goals in the next 25 years.
View the Economic Development Plan.

NOTO Arts District

The NOTO Arts District Master Plan provides a vision for how NOTO can revitalize and redevelop in the future. The Master Plan addresses key issues affecting the Arts District and builds upon its positives and strengths, including its arts brand, artists cluster, historic small town Kansas character, North Topeka context and location near Downtown Topeka and the Kansas River. This document was prepared for NOTO Arts District Association, Redbud Foundation, Heartland Visioning, City of Topeka and Shawnee County by LaMotte West and The Lakota Group.

Pappans Ferry Charette

This document was produced by the National Park Services / National Trails Intermountain Region, in partnership with the City of Topeka, Shawnee County, Topeka Riverfront Authority, Heartland Visioning, Inc., and Railroad Heritage, Inc. Additional information is available here.

Reuse of Sumner School

Feasibility Study and Structural Assessment of the Historic Sumner School Building. Review the summary on the Reuse of Sumner School.

Downtown Topeka Redevelopment Plan