Records Management

The City Clerk is designated as the Freedom of Information Officer and Official Records Custodian, coordinating requests for records in accordance with the Kansas Open Records Act and the City’s Records Retention Schedule. The City of Topeka Records Retention Schedule is listed in alphabetical order and is maintained by the City of Topeka, including the period of time that each group of records is to be kept. This schedule applies to records in all formats (including paper, photographs and videos, e-mail and other electronic records such as scanned paper records, word processed documents, spreadsheets, records in databases or document management systems, digital photographs and videos, etc.)

Each record includes a list of records or record series (groups of related records) and includes:

  • A Record/Record Series Title
  • An Office of Record (identifying the office responsible for maintaining the official copy of the record for the time period indicated)
  • A retention period indicating how long the record/record series must be kept by the office of record

All requests for access to public records must be made in writing. Requests can be submitted by an email or by completing a Records Request Form. Any questions or disputes regarding open record requests may be directed to the City Clerk.