Pay Miscellaneous Bills Online

Welcome to our new online Miscellaneous Payments form.

A few things have changed with our new, more secure payment method. You no longer need a pin number; simply enter your customer ID or account number and your invoice number.

If you're unsure of what you can pay here, refer to the list of eligible items directly below. Otherwise,
proceed to the payment form at the bottom of this page.

Eligible items include:

  • Business improvement district fees
  • Hauling fees
  • Parking garage fees and vouchers
  • Parking hoods


This does not include:


If you need help or experience problems, please call us at 785-368-3970 (option #5), Monday – Friday.


Automatic Withdrawals

Let us do the work for you! To sign up please fill out the
Electronic Fund Transfer Form, include a voided check and return the information to us. It’s that easy!

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