See Topeka

The City of Topeka is inviting residents and businesses to register their security cameras to the See Topeka security camera registry. This registry will be an important tool for officers as they gather information to solve area crimes. When an incident is reported, police officers will use the registry to see if area private cameras may have captured images/footage that could help solve the crime. Participation in See Topeka program is voluntary and easily withdrawn at any time with notification.

Why Participate in See Topeka?

  • Assist Police: Help Topeka police officers as they investigate crime reports.
  • Deter Crime: Publicizing programs like this lets criminals know the community and police work together to address crime can make criminals rethink their actions.
  • Protect Our Community: Collaboration between the Topeka Police Department and citizens will foster a stronger community leading to safer neighborhoods.

How Does the Registry Work?

Once cameras are registered, their locations are accessible in a secure system that Topeka police personnel can use to identify cameras near a reported crime. Police officers may then call the individuals who registered those cameras and ask them either to independently, or with officers, review footage captured during a time span. If the footage has information that may help in investigation of the crime or another phase of a criminal proceeding, Topeka police would work with the individual to obtain a copy of the footage.

At no time will live off-site monitoring of cameras occur by Topeka Police Department personnel utilizing this registry.

Considering a Camera?

If you are considering purchasing a video surveillance system, please consider the following:

  • The higher the resolution of the video the better the images/footage
  • A minimum of 30-days storage of information is recommended
  • Camera placement is extremely important:
    • Camera(s) should face entrance and exit points
    • Camera(s) should be located on private property only

Note: Cameras can be mounted on private property only. They cannot be mounted on utility (electric, cable, telephone) poles, street light poles or city sign poles (street signs, directional signs). Cameras can be positioned to capture anything you can see with your eye. They cannot be directed into private areas such as bathrooms or bedrooms windows.