Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division includes the areas of fire inspection, public fire education and community affairs. The employees of this Division use the Uniform Fire and Life Safety Codes, along with City Ordinances, as a guide to provide fire and life safety information to the general public and local media; they serve as a resource for the entire community.

Fire Inspection Unit

The Fire Inspection Unit consists of four Fire Inspectors. The inspectors:

  • Reviewing new construction plans for fire alarms, fire suppression and other emergency systems compliance
  • Annually inspect all licensed medical facilities
  • Iinspect all commercial buildings
  • Iinspect the issuance of many types of permits, which involve the installation, removal, maintenance, storage, handling, or conduction of processes and, or materials that produce conditions which may be hazardous to public life and, or property

Public Education Unit

This Unit consists of one Public Education Officer who is responsible for providing a variety of programs directed at school-age children, commercial business and general safety. Topics addressed not only include fire safety and prevention but, out-door safety, wheeled sports safety, poisoning, choking and water safety. To schedule a presentation or tour, contact 785-368-4000.

Some of the Routine Education Programs are Listed Below.

  • Public Presentations
  • School Programs
  • Safe House
  • Station Tours
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
  • Fire Extinguisher Demonstrations

Community Affairs

Community Affairs consists of the Public Information Officer, who is responsible for media correspondence and public fire education. Responsibilities include providing information to the general public and local media, serving as a resource to the community, planning and promoting special events and coordinating the release of daily news.

Instructions For Obtaining A Permit Or License

While the Fire Prevention Division will always make every effort to provide accurate and complete instructions, we are not always the sole agency involved in the process. Other City or State agencies may be involved and their internal procedures could change without notice.