TAB Awards

What Is TAB?

Nominate an Employee
The Topeka Above and Beyond Award (TAB) is an employee recognition program in which the employee is nominated by his or her peers and fellow community members.

Award Criteria

  • Must be a current City of Topeka employee
  • Employee actively participates in planning, implementing, and supporting decision-making efforts aimed at improving the working environment for the City of Topeka
  • Develops and presents ideas of cost saving resources that are implemented
  • Goes above and beyond work duty expectations
  • Goes above and beyond normal expectation in representing the City of Topeka government in a positive manner
  • Initiated a project that has significantly improved the community quality of life
  • Actions that go beyond compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Safety actions that go beyond compliance with applicable rules and regulations
  • Exceptional customer service skills when interacting with the public
  • The individual has demonstrated leadership, outstanding achievement, and a lasting commitment to the City of Topeka
  • Creativity in new and innovative methods and procedures
  • Any other exemplary service by an employee act

Award Process

An award will only be given when deserved. Employees may be nominated more than once and receive more than one award per year. If a person from the review committee has been nominated, they will be excused from the committee for the quarter. The committee will serve a 1 year term.
If approved by the committee and city manager, the nominee will be awarded by the city manager at a staff meeting or employee gathering. The nominee will receive a coin and certificate.
The TAB coin

For additional information the TAB Awards and process, email Kelly Baker.


Coin number 0001: Charles Wilson, Police Department, August 23, 3019

Coin number 0002: Crystal Haugsness, Planning and Development Department, August 13, 2019

Coin number 0003: Jack Mason, Utility Department, August 12, 2019

Coin number 0004: Diane Hawkins, Fire Department, August 6, 2019

The Committee

The committee shall be comprised of 9 members to serve a 1 year term. The city manager will appoint 1 person from his/her office to serve as chair of the committee. The 9 members will be selected from each of the following departments by their respective director.

  • City Manager’s Office (Chair)
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Public Works
  • Utilities
  • Planning and Development *serve on even years
  • Neighborhood Relations *serve on odd years
  • Legal *serve on even years
  • Municipal Court *serve on odd years
  • Zoo *serve on even years
  • IT *serve on odd years
  • Human Resources *serve on even years
  • Finance *serve on odd years


Paul Zadrozny Topeka Fire 10/11/19
Dana Markham Topeka Fire 10/11/19
Jerome Benning Topeka Fire 10/11/19
John Trimble Topeka Police 10/30/19
Leigha Boling Contracts and Procurement 10/31/19
Brendy Muninger Topeka Fire 11/14/19
Allen Ansberry Street Department 11/6 /19
Gregory Slater Public Works 11/6/19
Robert Simmons Topeka Police 11/13/19
Colleen Stuart Topeka Police 11/13/19
Scott Gilchrist Topeka Police 11/13/19
Shannon Langston Human Resources 11/14/19
Tim Paris Planning 11/14/19
Darren Haag Finance 12/17/19
Joshua Mayer Topeka Police 1/6/20
Macon Ezell Topeka Police 1/6/20
Sgt Vidal Campos Topeka Police 1/29/20
Lt Andy Beightel Topeka Police 1//29/20
Gretchen Koenen Topeka Police 1/29/20
Timothy Svalina Topeka Police 1/29/20
Justin Spencer Utilities 3/12/20
Nicole Malott Utilities 4/30/20
John Booker Facilities 5/18/20
John Munoz Topeka Police 5/26/20
Timothy Svalina Topeka Police 6/23/20