Strategic Planning

The City Manager’s Office proactively leads and directs the organization by providing framework and support to all City departments. The City Manager’s Office works in many aspects throughout the City to improve communication, increase effective data-driven decision making, and increase sustainability. The City Manager’s Office is committed to ensuring that the City of Topeka organization is progressive, responsive, and data-driven.

The City Manager’s Office supports strategic planning by focusing on departments and their adopted performance goals.

The Performance Portal portrays performance measures and metrics related to the overall priorities and objects of the City. To see these measures and learn more, visit the City of Topeka Performance Portal.

Vision Statement

As the capital city of Kansas, Topeka is recognized as a vibrant community where people choose to live, work, learn, and play, and of which Kansans are proud.

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional, cost-effective services in partnership with the community, that add value and enhance the quality of life for all.


Build citizen satisfaction, confidence and trust in service delivery and operations management.

Values Statement

We recognize and value a diverse workforce committed to serving the community. We value and believe in:

  • Collaboration. We embrace a spirit of teamwork, empowerment, cooperation, communication, and community involvement.
  • Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest level of honesty, truthfulness, and ethical conduct.
  • Accountability. We use public resources responsibly and regularly report on the achievement of stated performance objectives.
  • Professionalism. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of professional standards.
  • Transparency. We provide access by the public to timely and reliable information on decisions and performance.

City’s Strategic Goals/Focus Areas

  • Commitment to Customer Service
  • Fiscal Health and Sustainable Growth
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Safe and Secure Communities
  • Stewardship of the City's Physical Assets
  • Thriving and Livable Neighborhoods

The governing body met on April 28, 2018, to review the goals and priorities for the growth and development of the city of topeka. From the meeting, they developed the framework for 4 strategic goals with 14 priorities for 2018 and 2019. The goals and priorities developed are meant to help guide the Council’s policy and decision making towards accomplishment of our mission.