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The Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC) meets the first Wednesday of every month except for July and August 2018 at the Cyrus K. Holliday, 620 SE Madison Ave in the Holliday Conference Room on the first floor. The meeting is open to the public.

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About the Council

The Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC) represents views and ideas from the broader community on issues of interest to the Department of Neighborhood Relations. The CAC and the Department of Neighborhood Relations jointly decide on the topics on which they will seek input. The topics have a broad community interest, not just a narrow, neighborhood-based focus. The City of Topeka Ordinance No. 18329 requires the CAC to provide recommendations to the Department of Neighborhood Relations on community needs as they relate to the allocation of city, state, federal and trust funds for the preparation of the Department of Neighborhood Relations Consolidated Plan.


The Citizen’s Advisory Council is and organization committed to improving the quality of life within the city limits of Topeka. This concept focuses on the use of available resources at both governmental and neighborhood locations that will empower rebuild and revitalize our community.


Sarah Douglas
Sarah Douglas
CAC Chair

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