Street Sweeping Program

Where We Are Sweeping This Week

Topeka residents, the sweeping crew will begin in North Topeka this week, starting at Highway 24 & Rochester, and move into the neighborhoods south of there to begin. Please move cars off the street if you can so the sweepers can be as thorough as possible. Thank you and have a great week!

Three-wheeled street sweeper

Street Sweeping Scheduling Detail

The City of Topeka’s sweeping schedule is seasonal. Dates and times may vary depending on equipment availability, inclement weather, and unforeseen staff disruptions, such as emergency repair responses.

For up-to-date information about sweeping in your area, sign up for or login to Nextdoor and watch for notifications on street sweeping!

Why It Is Necessary to Sweep Streets

Besides the beautification benefits of street sweeping, the city’s Street Sweeping Program is designed to remove sand, small gravel, natural debris, and chemicals from city streets. Street sweeping helps prevent stormwater system backups and meet federal requirements to keep contaminates out of streams and rivers.

Street Sweeping Resources

The city operates 6 three-wheel sweepers and two vacuum trucks.

The day-sweeping operation concentrates on residential streets when they are typically less congested with parked cars. Neighborhoods are usually swept from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The night-sweeping operation concentrates on the busier arterial and collector streets when those streets are less busy.

Three-wheeled street sweeper

How You Can Help

Check this page or watch Nextdoor for updates.

Then, remove your car from the street the days street sweeping is scheduled in your area. If the schedule changes, repeat the first step – watch for Nextdoor notices and check this page.