City of Topeka announces ‘all hands on deck’ to battle potholes

Due to recent weather conditions creating countless potholes on city streets, Public Works Director Braxton Copley has declared a temporary emergency for pothole patching. All City of Topeka Street Department crews will focus their time and efforts on pothole repairs beginning January 30, 2024.

“We understand that drivers are frustrated and we are going to do our best to get potholes temporarily patched as quickly as possible,” Copley said.

All Street Department staff, including members of the night crew, will be working overtime to patch potholes throughout the city this week. Staff will re-evaluate the situation Friday and continue working overtime hours at full staff next week, if necessary.

Crews will begin patching emergency, arterial, and collector routes first, as those roadways see the most traffic. Once those routes are complete, patching units will move into residential areas. SeeClickFix ticket submissions will also be used to help identify which residential areas crews may respond to first.

During the winter months, crews use a cold mix asphalt to fill potholes. Patches made with cold mix material are expected to be temporary, designed as a stop-gap measure to keep our streets serviceable. When the weather warms, city crews are able to use a hot mix asphalt to make longer-lasting repairs.