Mayoral Proclamations

Proclamations may be issued by the mayor to recognize outstanding accomplishments or noteworthy occasions for citizens and/or organizations in Topeka. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis subject to their significance to the city and its residents.

Proclamations will not be issued for anniversaries or for matters espousing an individual/organization's ideological beliefs. Proclamations are made at City Council meetings and in the mayor's office.

Certificates of Recognition are issued to recognize special events in people's lives or for organization's special events. Certificates are presented in the Mayor's Office or at events throughout the city.

The Mayor's Office reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request. Your request will go through an internal review process, so it is necessary to submit this form in a timely manner. Your request must be received by the Mayor's office at least 30 days prior to the date the document is needed.

Please fill out the form below to submit your request for consideration.

Requests must be received at least 30 days in advance. Messages, proclamations, and certificates are not indicative of the mayor support of any individual, issue, project, event or endorsement.

To Request A Proclamation or Certificate of Recognition



Use a template to insert your desired wording highlighting the special occasion or outstanding accomplishment that you would like the Mayor to recognize. (View a sample proclamation and/or certificate to get a sense of the language you might use.)
All Proclamations/Certificates must fit on one page.

Apply By Email

Email the completed sample proclamation and/or certificate to Mr. Trey Heikes, Executive Assistant to the Mayor by email.

Apply Online

Enter your proclamation request online.

What To Expect

  • Your suggested wording is used to prepare the proclamation/certificate.
  • Please allow up to 14 business days for review of request.
  • If your request doesn't meet the guidelines or we are unable to provide a proclamation, the Mayor's Office can provide a congratulatory letter as an alternative.
  • The Mayor’s Office reserves the right to decline any request for a proclamation/certificate, as well as the right to make exceptions to the guideline procedures
  • The Mayor’s Office issues a proclamations and certificates at its discretion and will have final approval of the contents.

All proclamation/certificate requests must be directed to the Mayor's Office for approval at least 30 business days prior to the proposed date for the proclamation/certificate. You will be notified whether your request has been approved or denied within 14 business days. The Mayor’s Office will make the final decision on whether a proclamation or certificate is issued.

Guidelines for Proclamations/Certificates

Requests will be accepted from Topeka residents only.

Proclamations and Certificates are ceremonial documents signed by the Mayor are issued for:

  • City of Topeka events
  • Public awareness
  • Community service organizations located in Topeka
  • Arts and cultural celebrations
  • Special honors (on the recommendation of the Mayor)
  • Achievements associated with local schools and organizations

Presentation of the proclamation in the Mayor’s Office instead of a public presentation at a City Council meeting is also available upon request

Proclamation/Certificates Criteria


Retirement– the person must have been employed with their current employer for 25 years or more.

Birthday– the person must be at least 80 years of age with increments of 5 years thereafter.

Wedding, church, or pastoral anniversary– the anniversary must be 25 years or more.


Annual or other repeat requests will be presented every other year Ex. Annual proclamation issued in 2016 would be eligible in 2018.

Proclamations will not be issued for:

  • Matter of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction
  • Events or organization with no direct relationship to the City of Topeka
  • Campaigns or events contrary to city policies

Additional Details

  • The Mayor's office reserves the right to decline any request for a proclamation or edit the language.
  • An organization may request only one proclamation annually.
  • An organization does not determine the day, week or month of their proclamation.
  • Annual proclamations will be presented every other year.
    Example: Annual Proclamation issued in 2016 would be eligible in 2018.
  • A Certificate of Recognition or Congratulatory letter is an alternative where proclamation criteria are not met.
  • Issuance of a proclamation does not constitute an endorsement.
  • Proclamations are strictly honorary and are not legally binding.
  • Requests must be submitted one month in advance of the date to ensure timely request approval and issuance.
  • Proclamations recognize and are issued only for a specific day, week, or month.
  • Public presentations at a City Council meeting will be scheduled subject to availability and participants will be limited to 6 people.
  • No more than two proclamations are made at one City Council meeting.
  • Additional copies of the proclamation are available upon request.