ADA Advisory Council

Who We Are

Topeka citizens, with and without disabilities, appointed by the Topeka City Council to bring your voice to the Council and the community.

We advocate for you in all areas of the city’s services including:

  • Pedestrian safety: includes sidewalks, traffic signals-standard and audible and crosswalk
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Access to city buildings
  • Access to city recreation sites and programs
  • Other concerns affecting safety, accessibility and opportunity in the City of Topeka

Chair: Joe Cheray
Vice Chair: Kim Dietrich

Voicing Your Concerns

  • Join us for public comment at our regular meeting:
    Sunflower Conference Room, 620 SE Madison, Topeka, KS 66607 1p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • By phone: 785-368-4470
  • Write us: ADA Advisory Council
    Monique Glaude’
    215 SE 7th St.
    Topeka, KS 66603

Duties of the ADA Council

  • Advises the city manager, mayor and city council on issues affecting people with disabilities.
  • Provide a public forum to identify, discuss and address issues relevant to people with disabilities
  • Provide information from the public to the city’s ADA Coordinator about disability concerns
  • Provide information, educational opportunities and networking opportunities to all citizens with disabilities, their friends and families
  • Establish criteria for prioritizing the remedial steps to address access needs within the community. Approve the updated community transition plan
  • Develop operating procedures for the ADA Advisory Council
  • Review city government programs, services and activities access for physical, sensory or other impediments
  • Review city codes with the city’s legal department relating to disability rights and access
  • Excerpt from the Topeka City Code Ordinance governing ADA Advisory Council-Section 2.250.010


Titles of the ADA

  • Title I, Employment: All employers with 15 or more employees
  • Title II, State and Local Governments: State of Kansas, City of Topeka
  • Title III, Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities: Restaurants, theaters, schools, daycare facilities, recreational facilities, doctor’s offices, privately owned businesses, warehouses, and office buildings
  • Title IV, Communications: Communications issues relating to sensory impairments (primarily deaf and blind)
  • Title V, Other: A general category addressing issues not covered in Titles I-IV as well as who is not covered under ADA

The functions of the Topeka ADA Advisory Council fall primarily within the scope of the ADA Title II requirements.

ADA Resources