Police & Community

Committee Members

Karen Hiller, Sylvia Ortiz (Chair), and Michael Padilla

Committee Tasks

On August 25, 2020, a Special Meeting of the Governing Body was held to hear from members of the community about matters regarding the Topeka Police Department. At the September 1, 2020 Governing Body Meeting, Mayor Michelle De La Isla requested Deputy Mayor Tony Emerson to create a special committee of City Council members to continue the conversations of topics brought to the Governing Body about areas of policing. The goal will be to present concerns from community members, as well as to allow for educating the community about the various aspects of the Topeka Police Department, in order to become more aware of what Topeka currently has and where more change is needed.

Topeka Police Department Policies Discussed at Committee Meetings

1.3 Values, Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives
2.8 Authorized Weapons
3.15 Professional Standards
4.2 Use of Force
4.3 Use of Force Reporting
4.4 Deadly Force – Incident Procedure
4.6 Arrest Procedures and Prisoner Transport
4.9 Rules of Conduct
4.11 Vehicle Operations
4.24 Preventing Bias-Based Policing
4.30 Patrol Function & Calls for Service
4.73 Limited English Proficiency and Deaf/Hard of Hearing
6.40 Foot Pursuits
7.0 Training Academy
2017 Pursuit Board
2018 Pursuit Summary
2019 Pursuit Data
2017 UoF year end – public version
2018 Bias Based Review  UoF CALEA
2019 Bias Based Review  UoF CALEA
2020 Bias Based Review
Annual Report to AGs office 2016-2017

Presentation 11/30/2020