Planning & Development Department Updated Operations

In an increased effort to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus, the Planning & Development
Department is implementing an “open for business, but not business as usual” operational plan
for the foreseeable future which highly restricts any in-person contact with clients and customers.
Through this plan, the Department will be still be able to provide customary services for all
building permit, inspection scheduling, contractor licensing, and land use/zoning needs on a
daily basis while restricting any outside public access to our 3rd floor offices in the Cyrus K
Holliday Building, 620 SE Madison.
The plan includes 1) encouraging all of our customers to use online, phone, and email as the
preferred option of doing business with Department staff, 2) activating a public counter for walkin
customers in the 1st floor lobby of the Holliday Building to transact much of the daily business
including building/trade permits, contractor licenses, and initiating zoning or subdivision actions,
3) scheduling any meetings with outside customers remotely by phone or video conferencing,
and 4) scheduling any essential in-person meetings in the 1st floor Holliday Conference Room.
The Department has a “one-stop” web page at
onestop/ containing links to Development Service applications, contacts, and resources
to help customers work with us remotely. Staffing levels may be affected during the foreseeable
future so we ask customers to use non-staff dependent resources as much as possible to help your
projects get reviewed and approved in as timely a manner as possible.
In light of the crisis, the City is also reviewing protocols for required public meetings such as
with our Boards and Commissions that are necessary to complete development projects.
We strongly encourage you to call the following numbers or visit our one-stop web page should
you have questions:
 Building Permits 785-368-3704
 Contractor Licensing, Trade Permits, and Scheduling Inspections 785-368-3905
 Zoning and Subdivisions 785-368-3728
Please go to the City of Topeka website for more information on COVID-19 related policies
enacted by city departments: