Moratorium on Water Shut-Offs Extended to May 31st

The City of Topeka will be extending the moratorium on water shut-offs until May 31st. Customers must work in conjunction with the Utilities Department to develop a payment plan five days prior to their payment due date.
City Express at 620 SE Madison will remain temporarily closed. The Customer Service Call Center is open between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is available to work with customers to help keep their balances due manageable during this time. Customers who need to pay their water bill in cash can do so at authorized US Bank locations at the drive through window. Bills can also be paid by phone at 785-368-3111 or online at
Fleming Place 1017 SW Gage Blvd Wanamaker 1064 SW Wanamaker Rd. White Lakes 3600 SW Topeka Blvd. Pioneer Square 3625 NW 46th St. 5th & Jackson 434 SW Jackson St. 21st Street 5730 SW 21st St.
Please note that payments made through unauthorized locations may require a fee and take longer to process.
Doorstep, Let’s Help, the Salvation Army and the City of Topeka created the Water Share Program to assist citizens in need with their COT water utility bill. Please contact one of the agencies directly to request assistance.

• Doorstep 785-357-5341
• Let’s Help 785-234-6208
• Salvation Army 785-233-9648
The Utilities Refund Program (Franchise Fee Program) also offers assistance for utility bills. Please contact the Community Resources Council to apply 785-233-1365 after the program resumes taking applications on May 4th. For citizens looking for a way to help, you may go to or call 785-368-3111. Donations may be set up as reoccurring monthly or you may select to make a one-time donation. The donation amount will be added to your next City of Topeka water bill.