Mayor De La Isla Chosen for Vice-Chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Youth Involvement Task Force

Mayor De La Isla has announced that she has accepted the Vice-Chair position for the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Youth Involvement Task Force.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Youth Involvement Task Force is dedicated to helping our nation’s Mayors provide and expand programming that helps young people (middle school through college) engage in civics, leadership development, internship programs, voter registration, community outreach, and more.

“I am excited for the opportunity to work alongside Committee Chair Mayor Shane Bemis from (Gresham OR), under the leadership of President of the US Conference of Mayors- Mayor Bryan Barnett (Rochester Hills, MI) as we engage our young citizens. The exciting thing of this Youth Task force is that it aims at listening to our youth and harnessing their energy and experiences to shape policy, increase youth voter engagement and increase the number of youth councils across the nation”, said Mayor De La Isla.

“Mayor De La Isla has been a national leader on empowering the youth of our nation. She has been a passionate and outspoken advocate for including the youth voice and perspective in every critical conversation in our communities. I’m pleased to appoint her to this national leadership role and look forward to her contribution”, said by Mayor Bryan Barnett of Rochester Hills, Michigan.

“Mayor De La Isla’s intellect, ingenuity, and inclusivity make her uniquely qualified to take on the role as the first-ever Vice-Chair of the US Conference of Mayors Youth Involvement Task Force. Her passion for America’s youth, coupled with her fierce tenacity to solve the issues facing our country make her the perfect fit for this committee in these times. I am honored to serve with her, and as a conference, we have been enriched by her critical insight and inimitable perspective”, said by Mayor Shane Bemis of Gresham, Oregon.