Localized Flooding

NE Kansas has received excessive amounts of rain throughout the week. Topeka had an unusually large rain event on July 29th and saw localized flooding in certain areas of town. During these extreme rain events the stormwater system can get overwhelmed, causing areas to temporarily flood while the system processes the massive amounts of water.

The Utilities Department has crews that go out daily to inspect, clean and clear stormwater inlets, sewers, and ditches to ensure functionality. The infrastructure in the areas that had localized flooding are currently being inspected to ensure that there are not any obstructions. With that said, the stormwater system performed as it was designed to.

With grounds already saturated and more rain in the forecast, it is possible that we could see more temporary, localized flooding. We want to encourage all of our customers to exercise caution and report any potential issues or obstructions that they see regarding stormwater infrastructure. They can do this by calling (785)368-3111 or by utilizing the See Click Fix app.