Kansas River Weir Safety

The City of Topeka recently completed Phase 1 of the Kansas River Weir Project, creating a safe passage for recreation and use of the Kansas River. Anyone using the river for recreation should only pass through the boat chute, which includes the fish ladder, adjacent to the north bank as it is the only safe passage. There is a galvanized pole sticking out of the water at the signal boulder approximately 50’ from the bank which signals boaters, kayakers and others enjoying the river to stay left to enter the boat chute. The river weir project constructed a north bank fish passage and recreation enhancement including boat chutes and fish ladders, energy dissipation rock placement, stairs, downstream boat ramp and parking lot resurfacing.

Phase 2 of the River Weir project will be completed in September 2021 and will add safety enhancements to the low water notch and the mid-level of the weir. However, it will not create a safe passage for those accessing the river. The low water notch near the south bank is not safe for those accessing and traversing the river. It is dangerous because of the hydraulic drop. Anyone using the river should pass through the boat chute at the north bank.

A map of the Kansas River Weir and safe access points is attached to the release.