City of Topeka Utilities Rolls Out Secure, Convenient, User-friendly Online Payment System

The City of Topeka Utilities Department has implemented a new, secure, convenient, and user-friendly online payment system for our customers. The new and improved interface provides multiple benefits to customers such as paying bills faster, improved user experience, one-time payments without having to register, view and pay multiple accounts at once, as well as text-to-pay capabilities. Our new system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and electronic checks.
“We are excited about these changes and they reflect our continued commitment to providing a superior customer service experience,” said Nicole Malott, City of Topeka Utilities, Director of Business and Customer Services. “We recognize that customers want flexibility, accessibility, convenience, and user-friendly experience without sacrificing security. We believe these new features deliver all of these things.”
Informative inserts will accompany all of our customer’s physical bills for the next 4 weeks. They contain additional information about the transition, as well as instructions on how to register with the new system. We are encouraging all of our customers to register with the new system so that they can take advantage of the many new features. To register, customers simply need to go to and click on the blue banner at the top of the home page. This will take them to the new payment portal where they can quickly register or make a one-time payment.
Customers should know that if they signed up online for the AutoPay function in our previous system, they will need to cancel that service once they have registered with the new system.
Any customers that have questions regarding this transition or how to register can call the City of Topeka Customer Service Call Center at (785) 368-3111.