City of Topeka to donate 1,200 desktop computers to qualifying residents

The City of Topeka’s new digital equity program, TSC – Get Digital, is giving out 1,200 desktop computers to qualifying applicants.

The desktop computers are available for 60 and older residents living within the City of Topeka city limits. To qualify, residents must receive SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Veterans Pension Benefit Program, or have a household income that is less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines on an annual basis.

“As we are living longer, our world is becoming increasingly digital. Information and communication can enable healthy and active aging by facilitating access to information, health and healthcare, socio-economic participation and other factors that promote full engagement and participation as we age,” said Monique Glaudeˊ, Director of Community Engagement and Ombudsman for the City of Topeka. “Although many older adults are frequent users of information and communication technologies, many still lack access, and the pace of digital innovation is yet to be inclusive of their needs. We are appreciative of the donation from the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging which will assist us in providing desktop computers to 1,200 of our 60 and older low-to-moderate income neighbors.”

The funding for the computers was made possible thanks to a $140,000 donation from the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging (JAAA).

“Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging is pleased to be a part of the TSC – Get Digital Coalition and able to help support the efforts of Get Digital and extremely pleased that we will be able to assist such a large number of older adults gain access to technology that will enhance their lives in many ways from helping them stay connected socially with friends and family, to allowing for telemedicine visits, and much more,” said Susan Harris, Executive Director, Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging.

Qualifying applicants should call 785-368-3098 to pre-qualify for a free desktop computer.

The TSC – Get Digital is a coalition made up of community members and stakeholders who want to help close the digital divide in Topeka. The TSC – Get Digital Coalition was made possible through a $250,000 grant the City received from the Kansas Health Foundation.

View the program flyer here.