City of Topeka announces 2023 “Fix Our Streets” projects

The City of Topeka is preparing to kick off the 2023 “Fix Our Streets” season, as part of the city’s continued efforts to improve our infrastructure.

Construction season typically starts in March or April, and runs through November, depending on weather. The city’s Public Works and Utilities departments work collaboratively on these projects, when applicable.

The following highlighted “Fix Our Streets” projects are slated for 2023:

  1. NW Tyler St. – Paramore St. to Beverly St. – Reconstruction
  2. SE Carnahan Ave. – I-70 to 21st St. – Reconstruction
  3. SW Wenger Rd. north of 57th St. – Reconstruction
  4. Alley between N Kansas Ave. and NE Quincy St., from St. John St. to Paramore St. – Reconstruction
  5. SW 6th Ave. and Jackson St. intersection – Pavement repair
  6. SW Topeka Blvd. – 17th St. to 18th St. – Pavement repair
  7. SW 17th St. – Tyler St. to Topeka Blvd. – Pavement repair
  8. SW 6th Ave. – Oakley Ave. to MacVicar Ave. – Pavement repair
  9. SE California Ave. – I-70 to north end of bridge – Pavement repair
  10. SE Golden Ave. – I-70 to SE 21st St. – Pavement repair
  11. SW Gage Blvd. – Huntoon St. to 12th St. – Pavement repair
  12. NW Goodyear Rd. at US-24 Interchange – Pavement repair
  13. SW 10th Ave. – Urish Rd. to Wanamaker Rd. – Mill and overlay
  14. SW Knollwood Dr. – MacVicar Ave. to Burlingame Rd. – Mill and overlay
  15. SW 29th St. – Wanamaker Rd. to Arrowhead Rd. – Mill and overlay

Funding for the city’s “Fix Our Streets” projects are primarily supported through the citywide half-cent sales tax.

For more information about these projects, please visit