Sustainability Advisory Board

​About the Sustainability Advisory Board

The Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) was established by the Topeka City Council in 2008 to serve as an advisory board to the Topeka City Council. Currently the SAB consists of members with expertise in engineering, waste management, biology, alternative fuels and horticulture.

The mission of the SAB is to promote and advocate for policies which support sustainability. This specifically includes but is not limited to environmental assessment, waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and natural resource conservation in the City of Topeka and to enhance the quality of life by improving the City’s efforts in these areas.

The Sustainability Advisory Board meets the first Friday of the month in the Holliday Building First Floor Conference Room, 620 SE Madison St at 8:00a.m.


After much work by the City’s Sustainability Coordinator, City Departments and the City Council in September 2010, adopted the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy, which called for a 10% reduction in the City’s energy use by 2020.

Sustainability Advisory Board Annual Report

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