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Register for *Utility* Online Account Management & Bill Payment
Welcome! With our online services, you can pay your City of Topeka utilities monthly bill by credit card, debit card or check & manage your account.

Utility Payment Options | Follow the Steps Below to Register Your Account(s) | Before You Begin, Please Read or Print the Directions here | FAQs

PayOnline *Utility* Account Management Features

Account Information - Account status, account balance, amount past due, last bill, date sent, amount & due date, itemized statement & last payment date & amount received.

Payment History
18 months history of payment date, amount, type, & status.

Make Payments
On-Demand (saves your credit card or bank information in a secure location. You tell us when to charge one of these accounts). Immediate (no credit card or bank information is stored for your use in future payments).

Average daily usage, average 30 day usage, last read date & meter reading
3 years of historical data of billing period, number of days in billing period, daily usage, & total usage.

Billing History
3 years of historical data regarding bill date, due date, balance forward, current charges & total amount due.

Service Summary
Graphs or charts for refuse, storm water, water & wastewater, account status, service start & stop dates & average charge.

Follow the steps below to register your account(s).
To register for online services, you must have the following.

1. Your current City utilities bill.Water Bill

2. At the top of your water bill between the City's address and Account information, you will find your Utility Account Number and a personal identification number (PIN). Click the image (right) for an example bill with the account number highlighted in blue and the PIN highlighted in orange.

3. A valid e-mail address.

4. If making a payment, a credit card, debit card or e-check (from your check you will need the bank routing number and either a checking or savings account number). An image of an example check will be provided at our PayOnline site to help you locate your bank routing and checking account numbers.

5. Please allow 2 business days for payments to be credited to your account. Customers paying a delinquent account online need to notify us of payment at 785-368-3111 to ensure uninterrupted service.

Before you begin, please read or print the directions below
1. Use the same computer throughout this process.

2. Key in your account number and PIN and enter “Sign-On”.

  • You must include the dash "-" in the account number. It will look like “123456-12345”.
  • You must include all leading zeros in your PIN. It will look like “0000123456”.

3. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the following:

  • A new PIN that must contain 3 - 10 letters and/or numbers. Confirm your new PIN.
  • A clue to help you remember your new PIN.
  • A personal e-mail address.

4. Press "Submit”. A “Thank You” screen will appear, and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided.

5. The confirmation e-mail will be from “” and will contain your account number, your new PIN, your PIN clue, and a link that you MUST click to complete the registration process. This link will take you to an account inquiry screen and prompt you to enter your account number and new PIN. After entering your account number and new PIN, press "Sign-On" and a registration confirmation screen will display.

Click to access the PayOnline "login" page. Follow the directions above. You can also obtain your account number and PIN by contacting us at 785-368-3111, M-F, 7AM-6PM or at e-mail address


Will I continue to receive a paper City of Topeka combined utility bill in the mail if I register for the online system? Yes

Can this system be set to automatically make payments for me against my credit or debit card? No. You must authorize each payment each month. However, if you choose the “On-Demand” option at our PayOnline site, you will not need to re-enter your credit or debit card number the next time you pay your City utility bill online.

Who do I contact if I need help setting up my online account? If you need help or experience problems, please call us at 785-368-3111 on M-F from 7AM-6PM or e-mail

What measures are taken to ensure my online payments are secure?
To protect your privacy, the PayOnline system requires you to enter your account number and a personal identification number (PIN) in order to gain access to your account information. Your account number is printed on your monthly statement and on any correspondence you receive from City of Topeka utility billing. Initially, a randomly assigned PIN number will be printed on your monthly statement. Once you have successfully registered and entered a new PIN number, your PIN number will no longer print on your monthly statement. No sensitive information is actually stored on the web server.

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