Police Impound Lot & Vehicle Auction

This web page is intended to serve as a courtesy service only and not inclusive of all rules. Refer to posted rules at auction.

All Legal Notices are published in the Topeka Metro Newspaper as required by law.

The March 25th auction has been adjusted to conform with recent worldwide events and will be held online beginning at 9:00 am as published. To participate, you will need to go to www.govdeals.com and register as a bidder. From there you can search Topeka, Ks. for the vehicles and items available. Further instruction will be posted on the auction site. We encourage you to take time to become familiar with the website and the bidding process prior to the day of the auction.  The vehicles will not be available for inspection but pictures will be available once the auction begins at 9:00 am March 25th on the GovDeals.com website.

View the vehicles in the upcoming auction

Auctions are at 9 am; the gate opens at 8:30.

Auction Details

Vehicles will be sent to public auction when there is no response to the certified letter sent to the last registered owner, or unclaimed within 10 days of the second publication of this notice in the Topeka Metro Newspaper. Towing and storage costs are incurred and must be paid in full prior to removal from the Impound Lot.


The sale will be held at the Police Impound Lot located at:
322 NW Crane St.
Topeka, KS
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Vehicles will be available for inspection by prospective buyers on the day of the sale from 08:30 AM to the time of the sale. Vehicles must be paid for at the conclusion of the sale and removed immediately. Vehicles remaining on the lot after the sale will be charged $20.00 per day for storage.

Vehicles are sold “as is.” It will be understood by the buyer that the Topeka Police Department guarantees not a thing on the condition of these vehicles. Most vehicles have no ignition keys. The Topeka Police Department will send the paperwork to the buyer within 30 working days of the purchase to  enable him/her to obtain a Kansas Title.

Things To Know Before Attending a Vehicle Auction

  • A valid state issued driver’s license or ID card from the United States is required to sign up for a bidder’s card.
  • No one under the age of 18 years of age will be allowed to attend the auctions whether they are accompanied by an adult or not.
  • Vehicles must be paid for at the conclusion before leaving the premises.
  • Acceptable forms of payment at auction are cash, credit cards, checks cashier’s checks and money orders.
  • Purchased vehicles must be removed on the day of the sale. Vehicles remaining upon close of business day will be assessed $20 per day storage fees.

Anyone who fails to abide by the rules and requirements may be banned from future auctions.