Strengthening Police & Community Partnerships (SPCP)

Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships (SPCP) is a program created by the Department of Justice that engages local law enforcement professionals and community leaders in a dialogue to identify issues and solve problems collaboratively. The SPCP program came to Topeka in June, 2018.

How You Can Get Involved

Since June, 2018 the program has evolved. In 2019, the SPCP traveling council will be visiting all 9 Topeka City Council Districts to meet with citizens. This is an opportunity to provide feedback about the TPD, share your concerns, ask questions, and speak directly with Chief Bill Cochran and SPCP members.

Why Should You Get Involved With the SPCP?

If you care about Topeka and want to make a difference in our community, you are the right person to get involved! Attending the meetings gives you direct access to Chief Cochran, City Council members, and SPCP members.

Contact SPCP

Provide feedback, share concerns, ask questions, etc. by emailing the council.