Community Services

City of Topeka firefighters are a visible and crucial part of the community. In addition to their life safety and fire protection services, members of the Fire Department also serve as active, positive role models in the community.

They are knowledgeable resources for the community. When not on call, firefighters are available to speak on the importance of fire safety and prevention to citizens and local groups (service organizations, youth groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc.) and perform demonstrations.

The Department also welcomes scheduled visits to the city's fire stations by community groups, schools, camps and the community at-large. All station and on-site visits should be scheduled with the Public Education Unit at 785-368-4000.

Community Affairs

Community Affairs includes the areas of media correspondence and public fire education. The Fire Marshal/Public Information Officer and Public Education Officer in this division are responsible for providing information to the general public and local media, and to serve as a resource to the community. The Division works to plan and promote special events and coordinate the release of daily news.


Public Education

Public Education is provided by a variety of programs directed at school children, commercial business safety and general safety. Topics include, not only fire safety and prevention, but outdoor safety, wheeled sports safety, poisoning, choking and water safety.

Some of the routine education programs are listed below:

  • Fire Escape Planning
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
  • Merit Badge Certification
  • Public Presentations
  • Safety House
  • School Programs
  • Station Tours