Street Policies & Plans

The 12th Street – SW Gage to S Kansas Avenue Project design reflects policy and plans approved by the Governing Body over the past 10 years. The corridor design is based on the Topeka and Shawnee County Complete Streets Design Guidelines (2019) adopted by the Metropolitan Topeka Planning Organization (MTPO). Complete Streets considers the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and motorists alike. The goal is to “create a more balanced and complete transportation system that enhances the neighborhoods.”

The guidelines were developed to effectively implement the Complete Streets Policy (2009) adopted by the Topeka City Council. Other plans created in support of the Complete Streets Policy (2009) include the Complete Streets Action Plan (2011) , Bikeways Master Plan (2012), Pedestrian Plan (2016), and Topeka Metro Long Range Transit Plan (2019).

These policies and plans, as well as the MTPO Transportation Safety Plan (2019), were considered in the 12th Street design to accommodate the needs of different transportation users along the corridor. The project also reflects the Governing Body’s budget priorities of investing in infrastructure and quality of life, and the Momentum 2022 strategy of creating attractive and vibrant places.

The project will enhance the adjoining neighborhoods by creating walkability and an attractive corridor. By providing multi-modal options of transportation, economic growth will improve by helping travelers of all economic means get to and from work in a safe manner.

For an interesting read, see the CDC Analysis of Topeka’s Adoption of Complete Streets Resolution 8222 (2014) for insight in how Complete Streets began and was embraced by a wide variety of interests here in our Capital City.