Snow Removal FAQs

When does snow plowing after a storm begin?

Our winter storm operations begin long before the snow and ice actually fall. Our crews are constantly monitoring the weather when a winter storm is predicted.

Plowing on Primary streets begin after approximately two inches has accumulated. However, based on the type and severity of the storm, we may start sooner.

When will my streets be cleared?

In order to make the most efficient use of available resources, priorities have been established using the assumption that the severity of a storm is not beyond the normal capabilities of the city’s snow and ice control resources. Depending on the nature of the weather event, deviations could occur.

Do city workers work around the clock?

Yes, crews work 24 hours a day in 12- hour shifts.

What materials does the city use?

The city uses two materials for snow and ice control:

  • Rock salt which has been pre-treated with an organic liquid and calcium chloride
  • Salt brine which has been blended with an organic liquid

How can I help the city with its snow removal plan?

  • Mailboxes: The adjacent resident will be responsible for cleaning snow around their mailbox to assure delivery of mail. The resident is also responsible for assuring the mailbox is properly installed as required by the United States Postal Service Guidelines. This requires the face of the mailbox to be installed 6 inches behind the back of the curb and it should be constructed to be able to withstand snow cleaning efforts by the City.
  • Sidewalks: All sidewalks adjacent to private and commercial property are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Driveways: All driveways to private and commercial property are the responsibility of the property owner.