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DocumentDescription Last Revision
TOCTable of Contents​​6/2013
020​Invitation to Bid​3/27/14
100​Instructions to Bidders6/2013​
101Modifications to Instructors to Bidders​4/01/99​
330Bid Form​5/15/06​
530AAgreement (Date Certain)​10/2017
530Agreement (Days)​​10/2017
610Construction Performance Bond​6/07/13​
620​Construction Payment Bond​6/07/13
700​General Conditions6/2013​
820Supplementary Conditions​​4/01/99
830​Work Force Profile by Craft: see table of contents6/2013​
830​Payroll: see table of contents​6/2013
840Notification of Available Subcontract Work​11/01/10​
850Wage Rates: see table of contents​6/2013​

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